(picture courtesy : Yuriy Rzhemovskiy)

I am a Lead Growth Designer at Spotify's HQ in Stockholm.

As a manager of a small, multi-faceted team, I ensure my designers have the right creative direction, space and process in place to make Spotify an ever more innovative and desirable product to use. I also want Spotify to be a great fun place to be a designer, and strive to find ways to make a good work culture great! As a designer myself, I work on select Innovation projects. These projects typically are more visionary in nature, where the team is encouraged to think outside the box or several steps ahead of the current product to invent that which does not exist yet.

The balance between people-management and innovation is what excites me most.

Prior to this, I was an Experience Design Director at R/GA (New York) where I worked across the Nike ecosystem - Commerce, Brand and finally Nike+ . At the time of leaving R/GA, I was an experience design lead on the Nike+ Web/Platform team. 

As a maker I like to design meaningful, delightful relationships between people and products and their relationship with our World - be it an app, a website, or an experience that doesn't even exist yet. I studied and practice Interaction Design through a foundation in Theatre and Architecture. A formative decade in Theatre instilled a strong spirit of observation and understanding of human behavior in me, while a Bachelors in Interior Architecture opened my mind to product narratives and construction, almost all of which I apply daily in my work.

Over the past 10 years, I have lived and worked in the USA, Sweden, India, France and Germany for global brands like Nike, Microsoft, HP, Nokia, Spotify, Maquet, GE Healthcare, Proctor and Gamble, Roche and Huawei. I am passionate about using my broad base of inspiration and experience to create delightful products for people to use. I also love making the process as fun and enjoyable as possible for those I work with, and can be a notorious prankster.

A Gemini and romantic, I am married to Caroline Lindberg Sen and we live in Stockholm (Sweden). I enjoy running, reading comics and recently dabbling more in cooking. I hate doing the dishes, slackers and narrow-mindedness. Lastly, I would probably eat a hot bowl of Ramen - anytime, anywhere.