The Default ventilation screen of the Maquet Servo Atlas. 

Maquet is one of the world's leaders in ICU ventilation. The original Servo-i (1999) ventilator was a trailblazer in the industry for over a decade with its direct-access ventilation knobs winning awards and saving lives. For this project, we were tasked with designing it's successor - a product that would take Maquet into the next decade. I was very privileged to work on the initial concept stages of this project for over 1 year. After my departure from Veryday, my colleague Madlene Lahtivuori and several others persisted for the next 3 to help it become real. The images shown here represent mostly the process I was part of. 

VeryDay Team credit:

Creative Direction : Daniel Hoglund, Madlene Lahtivuori

Visual Design : Siamak Tahmoresnia

Experience Design : Madlene Lahtivuori, Rahul Sen

Industrial Design : Aydin Mert, Anna Carell

Project management: Daniel Hoglund