With the launch of Nike+ Hyperdunk+, basketball players and fans alike were able to measure their game in terms of quickness, vertical and hustle. The Nike+ Basketball Dunk showcase was a game designed to get basketball players to start dunking and post their dunks to a site designed for the challenge. The most creative dunks would be awarded top-honors by Lebron James himself. 

Landing page for the Nike+ Basketball Dunk Showcase. Lebron James was the face of the campaign together with 10 elite NBA athletes. This page was part of the Game On World website. 

The campaign mechanic as it was whiteboarded and subsequently drawn for approval.

Powered by your shoes. Proven by your phone. The Nike+ Basketball Dunk Showcase is here. Over the course of the summer, 16 finalists will advance. But only one will be crowned the champ by King James. How high can you fly? For more information and to enter, visit http://www.nike.com/dunkshowcase

R/GA Team credit:

Sammi Needham, Xavier Gallego, Chris Jovanov, Billy Burkert, Brad Soulas, Erica Grimaldi, Michael Mosley, Sam Levy, John Mullin, Jessica Zogaib