One of the methods we used to evangelize the 'One App' or 'NikeFuel App' was to create design fiction. We created imaginary web-pages, iTunes pages and other fictional content both as a tool to design and evangelize the product. 

(Not yet realized) This project was one of the most high-octane ones I've worked on at Nike+, simply because it fired up so many emotions from varied stakeholders. The aim of this project was to explore the role, interaction and experience design of a One App concept for Nike+ - one app to united everything. It would essentially involve a merger of Nike+ Fuelband and Running apps together with a suite of new social features.

Phase 1 placed great emphasis on a navigation model. My attempt was to create a modular, scalable interaction system that focussed on a Feed, Profile and various Sport interests of the user. 

(Password - same as the one for the page)

The most exciting idea for me about this project was designing the first ever Nike+ activity Feed. The unique concept here was superimposing Friend Activity with NikeFuel over time and visualizing that in a unique way.