As a creative thinker, leader and maker, I enjoy putting in place the right processes, conversation starters and provocations for teams and ideas to move forward in the best direction.

As the Design Lead on the Nike+ Platform and Web team, I maintain regular oversight on the various products, user experience patterns, visual language. I ensure that we maintain focus on the product roadmap and implement according to a vision that we've all worked on together.

The original wall where we mapped our observation of over 40 people's breakfast habits in relation to Oatmeal. We mapped highs and lows and looked for user-driven opportunities to improve their breakfast/oatmeal experience. 

During a project called the Breakfast Lab for Pepsico (done at Veryday), I participated in a phase of intense user-research and insight to study the breakfast habits of over 40 families in the US. The continuum shown here was designed together with colleagues from Veryday to map the touchpoints for breakfast in relation to Oatmeal. 


I love sketching. I sketch often with my colleagues and peers. Sketching helps me zoom an idea out to 50,000ft up in the sky to view the map of an idea.

Sketching frees the mind of the need to nitpick on the detail and focus on the overall idea.

As a former architect, I am very sensitive to line-thicknesses and the role they play in alleviating a drawing. 

Wireframes and crafting the experience

Why should wireframes look dull and anemic? Inspired by great illustration and comic books - I take great pleasure in making my wireframes part of a storytelling tradition. Sometimes it is a fine line to walk between being 'too pretty' vs informative, but these are examples of assets I make to humanize my wires.

I wireframe in great detail when needed on projects to ensure all the key moments are addressed, the correct interaction behaviors are explored, tested and re-tested using quick mockups and prototypes of various kinds.

Theatre and Bodystorming

With over 7 years of experience in theatre, bodystorming is often one of my most favorite ways to generate ideas. In this video together with a group of peers, I explored the idea of users disappearing into the World of their devices and the often comedic reactions they evoked in the real world. 

This is a short skit that depicts everyday behavior that we've all encountered between people and their media devices. This is just the intro...more coming soon!

These are excerpts from a scenario I made about human identity in 2020. I made a 1st person camera and mounted it on my personas shoulders to give the illusion of a video game-like World of the future.

Visual Design (occasionally)

Occasional a visual designer when needed, I am not hesitant to be visual in my wireframes and direction - if visual resources are scarce. 

Scenarios & Storyboarding

These were excerpts from a scenario for a future service ecosystem between Microsofts products. I worked with a hybrid method of photo-collages and vector illustration.

The greatest advantage of this method was being able to share a story in a high enough fidelity to our stake holders. Lesson learnt : selecting the right storytelling tool is half the battle won.

As a storyteller, and especially my love for the cinema, theater and performance - I enjoy making scenarios, short videos, storyboards or whatever it takes to tell a good story. 

Experience Prototoyping

Wizard of Oz prototype of an Anti Gravity Bar made at the Umeå Design Institute. Team members - Jannes, Stina, Annika and Rahul. Duration of project: 4 hours.

Vitamin B is an interactive table to explore digital tangible reading. It was developed by Rahul Sen and Jannes Peters during a two week prototyping workshop at Umea Institute of Design in Sweden. more information on:

This was a project sponsored by Nokia (Helsinki) and mentored by Mike Kruzeniski and Juhaa Hemanus. The brief was to find a way to connect people across small or large distances using an experience that was inspired by our own culture, faith, trends and tradition. The experience had to be non-verbal. This project was selected to be presented at the Only Planet conference in 2008 at Espoo, Finland. ‘Loops of Faith’ is a concept which connects families, friends and loved ones to each other using a system of bracelets and prayer wheels. The inspiration for such a project was sought from customs and rituals prevalent in India, China and other parts of the Eastern World as ubiquitous and ancient acts of Faith. The aim of this concept was to demonstrate that rituals, ceremonies and traditions of connectivity were still vital seeds for creating communication platforms for future generations.