Relationship Sauce - the Science of Data to the Art of Dating

Make your product excel in long relationships with users. Aspire to have 20 year anniversaries with them. Not just one-night stands, or a casual date.

As a designer, you’ve bestowed your digital product with personality. It behaves a certain way giving it unique character— a look and feel. This makes your product a unique person in a world full of other unique people. Like every unique person, products need to flirt, date and seduce users during early interactions. Successful seduction usually forms longer, ‘sticky’ relationships with users. Unsuccessful seduction fails to retain users in lasting relationships. As a result the product fades into the mist of forgotten apps.

The ability of a product to be great at dating is a key ingredient of its personality.
I call this ingredient — Relationship Sauce.

Designing tasty Relationship Sauce for your product means applying those vital personal, emotional and practical lessons you learnt from real dating or romantic experiences — your own, your friends or great love stories you’ve read or seen—to your own product.

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